Tulayoga is a journey inwards, towards your axis;
a return through sensation into union with your body and the present moment.

The name Tulayoga comes from the Sanskrit language and is a combination of the words "balance" and "union".
It brings together complementary aspects of understanding and practice from yoga, acrobatics and meditation.

Tulayoga is a private treatment you receive from a skilled practitioner in a peaceful environment.
You need no previous experience in yoga, acrobatics or meditation.
You are not the doer. You are the observer on a sensorial journey in space.

You receive, breathe and relax as the practitioner takes you through an effortless dialogue with gravity
in which your body can open and naturally align through its own weight and in its own time.

A treatment begins with floor based bodywork to release local points of tension
and to begin guiding your body towards a fluid and vibrant symmetry.

This also gives you the time and space to take distance from the outside world, to relax
and enter into a trusting state of connection with yourself and the practitioner.

Following the massage you are gently lifted into the air, balanced on the hands and feet of the practitioner
and guided through a series of supported postures that flow smoothly from one directly into another,
creating an elegant meditation through movement.

The practitioner composes a unique flow from 22 postures that adjust to your particular tensions and flexibility,
respecting any personal limitations without forcing and encouraging a pleasurable and natural release.

Each posture has a specific action on the body; together they harmonise the endocrine and nervous systems,
lower the heart rate and blood pressure, release accumulated tension, lengthen the spine,
increase mobility and encourage a gentle and natural alignment.

Floating with your eyes closed, without external references; being held, balanced and moved through space,
you are freed of responsibility, your sense of direction, dimension, and notion of time.
This brings you into a stronger connection with the sensations and feelings within your body.

Your mind slowly descends into progressively deeper states of awareness
until both you and the practitioner enter a calm, centred and lucid state of consciousness.

Tulayoga is a profoundly transformative way to release mental, emotional and physical tension,
and for many people it is a unique and timeless experience.

"it is, hands down, the best yoga experience I have ever had"

Hello Magazine

"Tulayoga is one of the most calming and restorative experiences I have had in a long time."

Sienna Miller

"Tho entirely passive, I felt I was one half of an exquisite dance.
The overall feeling was one of pure harmony."

Helena Bonham Carter

"Tulayoga allows you to plunge into the present moment
and to evolve in a space without dimensions."

Serge Menoud

"A unique and sacred moment that reunifies my body, my heart and my spirit."

Ariane Bourgoz

"A developmental experience that created tremendous clarity and inspiration."

Donald Goodale

"I was lulled into a meditative state that felt like lucid dreaming."

Ahmed Zambarakji
Psycholgies magazine