"Louka really is incredibly gifted and soulful.
The combination of his choice of music, detailed touch,
and the meditative quality of the whole experience
was unlike anything I had felt before.

I left feeling like a little bird who had been cared for
and released back in to the wild."

Mary McCartney

"I have never felt such a balance of masculine and feminine energy in a therapist,
especially with such intensity and generosity in the giving.
The feeling of support, of safety and of loving care I have experienced during Loukas treatment
is unique and profoundly healing."

Marina Berney
Psychotherapist and Educational Kinesiologist.
Sydney - Australia.


Carré Otis

"A massage from the hands of Louka is more than therapy, it's an experience- like no other that I've had..
Tho entirely passive, I felt I was one half of an exquisite dance.
The overall feeling was one of pure harmony.
Sometimes life gives us too much to carry and one begs to be carried oneself.
And this is what Louka does- carries you and holds you like an infant
and then restores you to the big loud bustling world, refreshed and ready to take the load again,
only this time the load feels lighter."

Helena Bonham Carter

"Tulayoga with Louka is one of the most calming and restorative experiences I have had in a long time.
I feel very fortunate to have met him."

Sienna Miller

"My attempts to suss out Louka's technique were futile, as I fell deeper into surrender,
ever more enraptured by his touch.
I was lulled into a meditative state that felt like lucid dreaming."

Ahmed Zambarakji
Psycholgies magazine

"Not only did Louka give me the best massage I have had in years,
the inverted postures left me feeling relaxed on a whole new level.
Tulayoga is a greatly restorative treatment and a real treat."

Bridget Harrison
The Times.

"Louka is a luminary in his field."

Islee Oliva-Salinas

"Tulayoga is a sublime conversation.
It allows for a release and transformation
far beyond that which I am able to reach in my floor practice.
Louka has attained a level of mastery which can only come from an innate gift
and years of dedicated practice."

Donna Van de Wijngaart
Oki and Hatha Yoga Teacher
Nelson NZ

"it is, hands down, the best yoga experience I have ever had"

Hello Magazine

"Louka knows how to touch the soul and the heart through the body.
His work is full of compassion, respect and deep love for the core of the human being.
I am always impressed by how he can lead my body into peaceful relaxation,
bring my energy back into flow and invite my heart to feel again.
I'm very grateful to know him."

Sophie de Lacaze-Duthiers
Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy
Tantra & Yoga teacher

"It is rare to find a person who can create an immediate capsule of ease, safety and freedom.
Louka's work felt totally natural and freeing;
a developmental experience that created tremendous clarity and inspiration,
not unlike how I imagine the womb to be."

Donald Goodale

"A treatment with Louka is a unique and sacred moment
that reunifies my body, my heart and my spirit.
Every time I am returned to who I am in my totality."

Ariane Bourgoz

"A touch of respect and a rare sensitivity.
Tulayoga allows you to plunge into the present moment
and to evolve in a space without dimensions."

Serge Menoud

"Tulayoga is a time out of time, without reference points,
an intimate moment in which I meet myself, the world and the universe.
It is a dialogue of an infinite delicacy and a powerful sharing.
You have to try it!"

Efféa Aguiléra
Sacred and meditative dance

"Louka has the gift of inspiring me with the confidence to trust in another.
I greatly appreciate his work and recommend it to all people
who are ready to have a deep look at themselves."

Urs Stauffer
Contact Improvisation Teacher

"My experience of massage and Tulayoga with Louka was the beginning of a new perspective on my body.
I had never been touched this way before. So much caring, so much respect.
I would like to thank Louka for his love and professionalism.
Meeting such a person is a great gift in one's life."

Annick Dessart

"It is not necessary to tell Louka what you need,
his tactile listening ability is a wonder.
I consider his massage an art.
I had never received this kind of contact in my life before"

Sophie Hautain
Osteopath DO

"During the treatment of Tulayoga and for the following three days
I had the feeling that I had returned home.
I came into contact with the love inside myself
and at one moment I saw just how beautiful and how terrible life is...and I felt at peace with it all."

Sarah Grangier

"Through receiving Tulayoga with Louka I personally made peace with life and death.
I also witnessed great changes in the lives of the people who attended my workshops and trainings.
This is deep work."

Marie-Lise LaBonté
Psychothérapeute, auteur et formatrice
Montreal - Paris - DR